Review, Payment Proof | Legit or Scam? Review, Payment Proof | Legit or Scam?

In this post, we will cover review, signup process, advantages and disadvantages, payment proof and we will discuss whether you should Join shortest or not. So, let’s begin.

What is is one of the highest paying URL Shortener where you can easily make money by just sharing your links. Along with it, they have a miner app where you can make money by just installing the software on your computer. Review

At a Glance
Average payout rates: up to $14/15 per 1000 views
Multiple views counted: Yes but payment for other visits decreases
Referral Program: 20% Commissions for life
Referral Banners: Yes, multiple sizes
Minimum Payout: $5 for PayPal and Webmoney. $20 for Payoneer
Payment Frequency: 10th of Every Month
Payment Processor: PayPal, Payoneer, and Web Money

Signup Link: Signup page

Tools offered

In terms of tools, the best URL Shortener award goes to It provides the best tools in the industry.

Mass Shrinker: By this, you can shrink multiple links with one click

Quick Link: You don’t need to shorten every URL, just copy the quick link and change the destination URL.

Full Page Script: Using Full page script you can shrink all the URLs on your website. You can either exclude particular domains or you can include some of them.

WordPress plugin: Yes, the tool provides a WordPress plugin which is easy to configure and you can start making money from your WordPress website Integration: For those who don’t know, is an auto-sharing platform for social media. You can integrate with it.

Miner Application: This one is the unique feature or you can say a tool offered by If you just want to make money by Installing software into your computer machine. This is for you. Miner application does the same thing. It will mine coins and you can make money.

Shop: If you don’t want to withdraw your money,  you can directly buy something from their shop.


  • The ads are easy to navigate
  • Pays for every visit
  • Has their own miner application
  • Has their own shop
  • The payout for Payoneer is low as compared to other shorteners
  • WordPress plugin
  • Integration
  • Great statistics
  • You can easily search any link
  • Various banners are available for sharing including 250X250, 468X60, 160X600. 125X125, 300X250, 728X90, and 350X19


Less payout rates for tier 3 countries
Banners are easily detected by Adblockers

Payment Proof Review payment proof

Signup Link: Signup page

How big is review covers everything, right? So, if you talk about how big is in numbers than here are the few facts.

  • They have more than 950k registered users
  • More than 1,627,699,630 Links are shortened in total
  • On an average 3500k Links are clicked daily


These are the most common questions asked.

Q) Do they accept Adult content?

A) No, they do not accept adult content.

Q) What if I am not able to reach the threshold at the date of payment

A) Your payment will be carried to the next date. You won’t lose a penny

Q) Can I combine two URL Shortener along with

A) Yes, you can. Although, earnings will decrease from the second one and chances are you may start losing your traffic.


Here, we will see the full review in short. So, basically, pays you up to 14/15 USD per thousand views. Multiple links are counted but the pay rate decreases. You can mine the coins and convert them to dollars. It pays you 20% referral commission for the lifetime. They have many tools available like WordPress plugin, integration, etc. Moreover, you can cash out your money when it reaches $5 with PayPal or Webmoney. If you want to withdraw it using Payoneer, you will need at least $20 to withdraw.


Q) Is scam or Legit?

A) is a legit URL shortener and pays the money.

Signup Link: Signup page

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