Adboot Review 2020

Adboot Review 2020

Adboot is a digital advertising network which provides various monetization solutions to publishers. It uses CPA, CPL, CPI and CPM advertising models to pay its publishers.
The ads offered by it are of high quality and high paying. This network claims to provide highest possible rates to publishers. Their advance technology shows only the best targeted ads on publishers websites which result in higher earnings for publishers.

Advanced Monetization Solutions:

Adboot offers various advanced monetization solutions to publishers. The various monetization solutions offered by this network are smart links, category links, CPM links, pop-under ads, pop-up ads, redirects and banner ads. Their smart links are dedicated to CPA campaigns and they produce great results for publishers. They automatically pick the best campaigns to show to your visitors based on their location, language, preferences, device, OS and many other factors.
Their smart links make the job easier for publishers by automatically showing the best campaigns to visitors and therefore, publishers can relax and enjoy watching their earnings grow.
They also provide category based links that you can use to show any specific category based ads on your website. Also, their CPMlink is dedicated to CPM campaigns, so, if you want to run only CPM campaigns on your website then you can use it.
Apart from smart links, Adboot also offers pop ads, banners and redirects as it solution to publishers. These ads are also available in both CPM and CPA based campaigns, so, you can always select the type of campaign you want to run on your website.

Some Great Facilities For Publishers:

Apart from high paying and different model campaigns, Adboot also offers some great facilities to publishers like low minimum payout, detailed stats, daily payments, multiple payment options, referral program and a dedicated support.

Payment Proof:

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