The Moneytizer Review 2020

The Moneytizer is a digital advertising platform which provides opportunity to publishers to monetize their websites with exclusive all-in-one solutions. It brings up the latest technologies in digital advertising to provide highest revenue to publishers.

They have developed an algorithm which is based on American technology called ‘Header Bidding’. This algorithm allows them to have more than 50 partners competing for each of your ad formats.

Basically, this network provides various standard and non-standard ad formats to publishers, which they rarely find on other ad networks. So, if you chose any ad format to display on your website then advertisers will compete for each of your ad format resulting in highest possible rates for you.

Ad Formats Offered By The Moneytizer:

This network is an all-in-one solution for publishers and therefore, it provides lots of ad formats to them.
The ad formats offered by this network are:
  • Megabanner
  • Top Medium Rectangle
  • Half Page
  • Skyscraper
  • Bottom Medium Rectangle
  • Mega Skyscraper
  • MegaBanner Bottom
  • Billboard
  • Skin
  • Recommended Content
  • Native Article Auto
  • In-text
  • Pre-Roll
  • Mobile

The Moneytizer is a CPM network and therefore, it pays publishers for impressions rather than for clicks or actions.
Their website is very well developed and provides nice user interface. You can find all necessary details on their website. They even have a FAQ sections which provides answers to all general queries of publishers. Also, their website is multilingual and available in three different languages – Spanish, French and English. You just need to click the flags for translating the website to your desired language.

Getting Started On The Moneytizer:

Getting started on The Moneytizer is simple as it doesn’t have very hard and fast publisher requirements. They offer simple registration process to publishers where they just need need to fill up a simple registration form to create an account on their network.
After that they review their applications and if they found them compatible with their network then publishers are notified with the email of account approval.
They allow worldwide publishers to monetize their websites with them. Even small and medium size publishers are also welcome on this network.
The only requirement is, your website should comply with their terms. They do not accept adult content websites, so, if you are looking to monetize your adult content website then this network is not an option for you. However, you can try some other adult advertising networks listed on our website.

Earn Higher Revenue With The Moneytizer:

The Monetizer helps all level publishers to earn higher revenue through their platform. Since, they offer various ad formats which small and medium size publishers rarely get on other ad networks, so, it lets them generate higher revenue. They provide all types of ad formats and for all devices which ensure that none of the publisher’s traffic remain unsold.
They have banners, videos, text and mobile ads for publishers that they can display on their websites to earn a decent income.
Apart from multiple ad formats, they also offer various great facilities to publishers like detailed stats, timely payouts, attractive referral program and dedicated support.
Thinking Of Joining The Moneytizer ?

The Moneytizer Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM
Ad Formats: Banner, Video, Text, Mobile
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Frequency: Every 2 month
Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire

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