ySense (Clixsense) Review 2020 - Is Legit or Scam?

ySense Review

ySense Review 2020 – is ySense (formerly known as ClixSense) a SCAM or LEGIT? Find out the truth in this comprehensive review article.
It never seems enough no matter how much you earn. You have to pay for rent, utilities, food, clothing, gas, insurance, and so on. It is difficult to make ends meet without having a side gig that can add to your wallet. Indeed, a lot of people juggle multiple jobs throughout the day. It’s a good thing that the Internet offers endless ways to make money. Most of these offer flexible hours and remote work. People don’t have to sacrifice family time just to earn a little more. The challenge is to find a place that actually delivers on its promises. In this article, we look at the popular site called ySense.

What is ySense?

Clixsense started off in 2007 as a Paid to Click or PTC website. This business model relies on advertising to produce income. The site encourages people to visit by promising that those who view and click ads will be compensated for their actions. It’s a simple strategy that seems feasible at first glance but its flaws eventually forced the company to make major changes. After all, advertisers buy spots in the hopes of reaching potential buyers. PTC workers are there to earn and not purchase so it’s not a suitable match. The company has since shifted to a different name and business model.
These days, Clixsense is known as ySense. It is running a Get Paid To or GPT business model that provides rewards for the completion of tasks. There is a wide range of things that you can do to earn money on the site so you can pick and choose what you are most comfortable with. There are many questions about the authenticity of the site. Actual members say that it is legitimate but that people should not expect high incomes. Their system is not perfect either and this can lead to frustration. Anyone who wants to try it should do in-depth study to see if it is worth their time.

How to Join ySense

Anyone can sign up for free by providing their email and creating a password. You don’t have to located in the US as they accept members from other countries. There is an age restriction in place. You have to be at least 13 in the US and 16 in other countries in order to work for them. If they find members who are violating this policy, then they will deactivate the account. Each member is only allowed to create a single account. This must not be shared with people in the household. If other individuals would like to work for the site, then they must create their own account.
Earning Opportunities

  1. Paid Surveys

Businesses like to conduct online surveys because it is an easy way to gather much needed data. They can get lots of responses while incurring minimal cost. They don’t have to pay interviewers to travel and ask questions. The digital results can also be processed quickly through automation so analysis can take place right away. So it is no surprise that these surveys are rampant across the Internet and that companies are willing to pay for people to complete them. Beware that some might be quite long and so will take a bit of time. Certain surveys are also targeted so not all can take them.

  1. Cash Offers

Stagnation leads to ruin. Companies know that they have to keep innovating to stay relevant. They come up with a variety of new products and services every year. Of course, not all of these find their way to the market. They still have to be tested in the lab and by consumers to see if they are good enough. Some of these companies use ySense to offer members the chance to test products and services for a bit of cash. Others pay for people to watch videos or sign up for sites. Compensation varies depending on the offer.

  1. Figure Eight Tasks

The site also makes it possible to earn money doing micro tasks such Google searches, image organization, and so on. These are simple activities that should not take more than a few minutes. Some may require a bit of training while others can be performed right away. Most can be completed as many times as possible while others have a specified limit. There might also be an accuracy threshold to maintain high quality results. Falling below this can bar you from completing tasks. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you can do things exactly as the provider intended.

  1. Referrals

The company has a referral program to encourage more people to sign up and get some work. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions on the jobs completed by your direct referrals. You can grow your income while others work on your behalf. The more they finish tasks, offers, and surveys, the larger your account balance will be. If you are a fan of passive income, then this is something that you might like to try.

Possible ySense Income

Members can be paid via PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Tango, or check. Electronic cashout requests will be placed in a queue so there might be delays depending on the volume and type of account. North American members need to verify their postal address before cashouts can be given. Note that requests are only possible once the minimum threshold is reached. It is hard to determine the kind of money that can be earned as it depends on the member’s productivity, efficiency, and skills. In any case, this should be seen as a supplement to a main income and not a primary source of money.

How to Optimize Earnings

The amount of money that you can earn at ySense will depend greatly on factors like the availability of work, the time you devote to the site, the compensation being offered, and your country of residence. For example, some surveys are only available for residents of the US and European countries. The pay tends to be higher than if you are located elsewhere. You will have to work harder or longer to bridge the gap. The offers and tasks will also be subject to availability. Some of them will pay you only a few cents per successful completion. Others might be worth a few dollars.
As for the referrals, you potential earnings will rely on the quantity and quality of the people you introduced to the site. You will get a small percentage of their earnings. If they are able to complete a lots of tasks and surveys, then you are in luck as you will be able to get free cash without doing anything extra. Before becoming an affiliate, you should first try the site yourself and work on as many jobs as you can to see what it’s like. Request for cashouts to get familiar with the process and evaluate whether the system is acceptable to you. Refer other people only if you feel that it can be a rewarding experience for them.

The Pros

It is a legitimate site. You can earn real money with the site so it is not a scam. If you are looking for a way to supplement your income or get more pocket money for school, then it can be a good option for you. Juts be sure to temper your expectations as you are unlikely to get rich working for ySense.
It is free to join the site. You do not need to pay them before you can become a member so there is no risk of losing money. This is in contrast to other sites which charge people for the opportunity to earn money. This means that you can sign up right away and try it out without worries.
The site is open to nearly everyone. A lot of work from home opportunities turn out to be disappointing as they are limited by geographic location to the US or North America. This is not the case with ySense as it is available for most countries. Indeed, what may seem like small earnings for some may be quite substantial for others depending on location.

The Cons

It can be time-consuming. Many of the surveys are long and can take a long while to complete. Therefore, you will have to evaluate whether they are worth your time or not. Consider how much your currently earn per hour at your regular job and compare it with what you are earning with ySense.
Most of the work are geared towards Tier 1 residents. Despite its global-friendly approach to membership, the reality is that there are few jobs available for people outside of North America and Europe. You have to make them most of what’s there when they turn up. Read ySense review posts online to learn more about this.

Final Words

ySense, or its current incarnation ySense, provides everyone with opportunities to earn a bit of cash. That is hard to resist in this economy. It may be perfect if you have a lot of time and can’t do other types of work. The only way to know if it will be a good match is if you give it a try. In case you want to expand your options, check out similar sites such as Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie.

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