Best Websites like Fiverr and Freelancer

You may have an excellent skill but if you can't exhibit it you may not earn, there are lots of websites on the internet but are full of competitors and it may take a lot of time to rank on it, but there are many other alternative websites which will take no time to rank on it. 

So today I will share with you the best freelancer websites other than Fiverr and Freelancer these websites are very low in competition, you would definitely find jobs which are low in competition and if you're a buyer, you will surely get jobs done at a cheap price. But if you choose to work on this website, you will surely earn an enormous amount of money. Join as fast as possible to immediately get a top rank on the following websites.


Quickengigs is a website where you could earn a lot, as this website is newly launched so there are very few competitors, which then creates a significant opportunity for you. If you have any skills, you could easily get ranked on this website, but if you don't have any skill, you could either learn one which will help you a lot to earn money online. 

  • Quicken gigs accept nonexperienced freelancers.
  • If you're a customer you would surely get a cheap deal.

2. People Per Hour 

  • All freelancers on the platform are first interviewed before they are added to the platform So you might need to have the skill to work here, but if you're a customer, you could hire any freelancer as they know to work professionally.
  • people per hour is not popular as other platforms but has the experience from over 2007.

3. Guru

  • Guru is a freelance website, you could earn a lot of money from this website, you could work on any skill you prefer is best suited for you.

4. Outsourcely

  • Outsourcery offers startups easy access to its talent pool of over 400 thousand freelancers.
  • No markup fees on the services provided by freelancers on the platform.
5. Truelancer

  • Although relatively a newcomer, Truelancer has made a name for themselves by providing quality work for cheap prices.
  • It's Worldwide, but the freelancers on this website are mostly from India, pakistan, china, and other south Asian countries

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